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    Managing the Community-Focused Otto Bremer Trust

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    Daniel Reardon of St. Paul, Minnesota, functions as a co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust (OBT), which is the 92% owner of Bremer Bank, an institution with approximately $1 billion in assets. Daniel Reardon and his colleagues focus on responding to the needs of local nonprofits and charities that have a significant positive effect in communities where the bank has a presence. This extends beyond Minnesota to include parts of Wisconsin and North Dakota.

    OBT reflects the ethos and vision of its namesake, a banking pioneer and co-owner of the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company who had immigrated to Minnesota from Germany. Mr. Bremer established his bank during the Great Depression and risked personal assets to keep it solvent and serving its community financing function.

    Mr. Reardon administers grants to numerous organizations each year and ensures that regulatory compliance is maintained and that OBT fulfills its function as a bank holding company. Funding approved in 2015 included a grant to District No. 1 of the Bismarck Public Schools to provide social and academic support to children in western North Dakota living in poverty.

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    Upon joining Otto Bremer Trust in 1995, Daniel Reardon began helping manage its investments while...
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