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Clothing Tips for Novice Anglers

Daniel Reardon, Otto Bremer

Upon joining Otto Bremer Trust in 1995, Daniel Reardon began helping manage its investments while also overseeing the trust’s grant-making activities with two other trustees. Daniel Reardon enjoys fishing in his spare time.

What anglers wear can have an impact on their success. Individuals just starting out with fishing may be interested in the following clothing tips.

1. Always bring a pair of polarized sunglasses on your trip. These will protect your eyes from the sun and counter the effect of the reflection of the light on the water’s surface, which can hamper visibility and prevent you from locating ideal fishing spots.

2. Tie back long hair in a ponytail. Not only can flyaway hair get caught in the line, but it also offers a target for fish that escape your grasp upon capture. Also, long hair blowing in the wind can hamper your vision.

3. If you are fishing directly from the water’s edge, as you might while fly fishing, you need to take some time to scout the location and pick clothing colors that blend in. Fish are surprisingly sensitive to changes in the environment outside the water, and you may scare them off if you approach in brightly colored clothing.

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